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Introducing OpteMom

For kids aged 2 to 8

A child’s early years are rich with opportunities for growth.
When these opportunities are harnessed, there is no limit to what your child can achieve.

Take advantage of these opportunities before they are lost.

Created for children between the ages of two and eight, OpteMom looks closely at your child’s skills to help you understand how your child is developing. With a deeper understanding of your child’s skill set, you can take advantage of the learning opportunities that are unique to the early years. With OpteMom you can :

  • Accelerate your child’s development in skill areas where he or she is advanced.
  • Address areas in which your child may need extra support.

With guidance and input from a child development specialist and unique resources delivered monthly to your home, OpteMom gives your child a valuable head start.

“We believe in adopting best practices from across the globe and customizing them to meet local, cultural norms and the specific requirements of your child.” 

Why Choose OpteMom

Gain professional,
one-on-one support.

OpteMom provides the expertise and advice of a professional child development specialist – just for your child.

Gain a better understanding of
how your child is developing.

The OpteMom Skill and Development Scale is a detailed assessment that closely examines your child’s skills. This assessment helps you and your child development specialist promote your child’s strengths and address weaker areas.

Gain a personalized, comprehensive
education plan for your child.

Using your child’s assessment and interpretive report, your child development specialist works with you to create a tailored education plan for your child.

Gain customized teaching tools
you can use at home.

OpteMom provides customized resources that support your child’s education plan. They are delivered to your home each month.

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Gain the OpteMom Advantage and Give Your Child a Head Start.


How It Works


OpteMom Skills and
Development Scale

After registering for OpteMom, you complete an online assessment of your child’s skills.


Child Development

A child development specialist is assigned to your child and works with you to develop an education plan for your child.


Education Plan
and Resources

Your child development specialist uses your child’s education plan to customize learning resources that will be delivered to your home. After one month, the resources will be collected and a new set will be delivered.



Your child development specialist monitors your child’s progress throughout the program. You can track your child’s progress with your personalized online dashboard.

OpteMom continues in this way, providing the constant support of an experienced child development specialist and a new set of colorful, engaging resources on a monthly basis. Try OpteMom and watch your child blossom with confidence, enhanced skills and a readiness for new challenges.

The Benefits of OpteMom

Your child is blessed with curiosity, a great capacity for learning, and an incredible ability to absorb new information.
OpteMom gives you an opportunity.

Lay the foundation for a bright future.

Lay the foundation for a bright future.

OpteMom helps you strengthen the foundation that forms the starting point for your child’s dreams and aspirations.

Lay the foundation for a bright future.

Prepare your child for challenges.

OpteMom prepares your child for intellectual growth and academic challenges.

Lay the foundation for a bright future.

Help your child develop social skills.

OpteMom equips your child with the skills needed for positive social interaction and emotional growth.

Take advantage of this special phase in your child’s life. Open the door to expanded horizons and great possibilities with OpteMom!

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