Make Ice-cream cones on your own!

Make Ice-cream cones on your own!

You always want your child to experiment and learn new things. We at Optemom believes that every child is special and needs some extra care. For their early skill development it is necessary for you as a parent to engage them in different learning activities. We are here with another “Do it yourself” activity which is easy and engaging. We will make Ice-cream Cones. You need Brown/orange sheets, scissors to cut it, glue to fix it, tissue paper for the cream, thread to shape it.

Steps to follow-

Take an orange/brown sheet of paper and roll it to give it a conical shape. Glue it to fix it properly.

Cut the cone from the base so that we can fill the cream in it.

Here’s the cone is ready! Now we need to decorate it.

Cut small pieces of brown sheet to decorate the cone.

Glue them onto the cone.

Take a tissue paper and make a ball out of it.

With the help of thread give it a shape of the ball.

Fix the end of the thread with glue.

Place the tissue ball on the cone and yay your Ice-cream cone is ready!

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