Paper – Giraffe

Paper – Giraffe

Created for the children between the ages of two & eight, Optemom looks closely at your child’s skills to help you understand how your child is developing. Here is one “Do it yourself” activity for your child which is engaging and creative. We will make Paper-Giraffes by following few basic steps. You need yellow sheets of paper, Black sheet, scissor to cut it, glue to fix it, and a marker pen to draw the faces.

Steps to follow –

1. Take a yellow sheet of paper and roll it to give it a conical shape. Glue it to fix it properly.

2. Cut the cone from the base so that it can stay upright.

3. Draw the Giraffe’s head on the yellow sheet.

4. Take a piece of black/brown sheet and cut it into small pieces.

5. Glue them onto the cone to give it a shape of Giraffe’s body.

6. Glue the head of the giraffe onto the cone.

Your Paper-Giraffe family is now ready. We hope your child will have a great time doing this activity.

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  • Sunil

    Amazing stuff.

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