The OpteMom Process

The OpteMom program begins with an online assessment, which you complete. A child development specialist is assigned to you. Your specialist will be with you every step of the way, working with you to advance your child’s development.

Once the assessment is interpreted by your specialist, you’ll work together to create your child’s education plan.

From that point on, resources will be delivered to your home each month and your child’s progress will be monitored. You can also use your personalized online dashboard to track your child’s participation in OpteMom.

The following steps explain how the process works.


OpteMom Skills and
Development Scale

After registering for OpteMom, you complete the OpteMom Skills and Development Scale (assessment) online and submit.


Child Development

Your child development specialist prepares an interpretive report.

  • The report identifies skill areas in which your child is advanced and areas in which your child would benefit from additional support.

Education Plan
and Resources

Your child development specialist works with you to prepare your child’s education plan, which is based on the findings presented in the report. The education plan determines which resources will be customized and sent to your child.

  • The resources are sent to you with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Your child development specialist will provide assistance with the resources whenever you need it.
  • After a month, the resources are collected from your home and a new set of resources is delivered.


Your child development specialist monitors the progress of your child throughout the program. You can use your personal online dashboard to track your child’s progress.

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