How OpteMom Helps

OpteMom helps you and your child by:

  • Identifying your child’s intellectual and developmental strengths and facilitating accelerated learning in these areas;
  • Identifying and addressing areas in which your child needs extra support; and
  • Providing you with convenient, innovative and engaging developmental resources that enable you to play an active role in your child’s development.

What Makes OpteMom Unique

Knowledge and Tools in Your Hands

Unlike most early childhood programs, OpteMom gives you the knowledge and tools you need to advance your child’s development. OpteMom unveils your child’s strengths and identifies any weaknesses during the early years – when the most profound brain development occurs. The program then gives you the resources and teaching tools you need to encourage further development and give your child a head start.

A Team of Specialists

The OpteMom program was created by a multidisciplinary team that includes child and adolescent psychologists, human development specialists, educators for gifted learners, and early childhood care and education experts. In the program, you work directly with a child development specialist to determine what your child needs in order to thrive in social and academic settings.

A Comprehensive Assessment

The OpteMom Skill and Development Scale is the assessment that gives the OpteMom Team important information about your child’s skills. You complete the assessment online and your child development specialist interprets the assessment in a report. Then, working with you, the specialist designs your child’s comprehensive education plan. The plan determines which resources will be customized and sent to your home.

The scale covers critical skills that are sometimes overlooked in a formal education setting. When conducted before formal schooling begins, the assessment can help parents give their child the best possible start by addressing areas where accelerated learning or extra support would benefit the child.

Resources Delivered to Your Home

OpteMom resources are customized to address your child’s skill set and support his or her education plan. They are delivered to your door each month for maximum convenience. Once you’ve used a set for one month, it will be collected and a new set will be delivered. The resources come with easy-to-follow instructions and your child development specialist is available if you require any help.

Why Is OpteMom Effective ?


A focus
on the individual

  • In a group or classroom setting, the focus on each individual child is often sacrificed in order to move the entire group of children ahead.
  • Lessons cannot be tailored to challenge an advanced child. Nor can they be amended to help a child who has fallen behind.
  • OpteMom zeroes in on the individual with a personalized education plan and tailored resources to meet the child’s specific needs. It achieves a level of detailed attention and personalization that simply cannot be achieved in a classroom or group setting.

A better understanding of your child’s
intellectual and developmental strengths

  • The OpteMom assessment and interpretive report provide you with useful insights into your child’s development.
  • Equipped with a deeper understanding of your child’s skills, you can use OpteMom resources to achieve great gains in your child’s intellectual and skill development.

Quality time
with your child

  • The OpteMom program brings you and your child together for exploration, growth and interaction – a benefit that cannot be overstated.